Please review the articles below about Covid-19 Corona virus and the role of improving the immune system to be able to fight better against it.

This article below, is the most comprehensive article I have ever seen until now. Individual risk management strategy and potential therapeutic options for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Natural approaches to improve the immune system must also be used in the fight against this virus. Unfortunately, such methods such as probiotics, intravenous vitamin C, other vitamins and nutritional approaches are not performed in pharmaceutical controlled hospital settings, that can boost the immune system, against this highly contagious and dangerous virus. Without clinical studies about their usage on covid-19 patients in hospitals and homes, I think more people will die unnecessarily. Ventilators alone are not solutions and in fact are problematic as well. The drug-industry-controlled mentality is one sided. All possible means that work must be used to fight against this virus, in the absence of a vaccine that works. Millions of people will catch this virus and hence experimentations with various drugs and supplements must be used to be able to learn the tricks involved in killing and controlling this very tricky virus. Research scientists, like the authors of those articles below, must be involved in those experimentations. The standard methods of doing business does not work anymore.

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Natural and alternative treatments

The articles below show the tremendous research already done on probiotics, the microbiome and vitamins and their health benefits. Anyone listening?

Articles related to probiotics, viruses and lungs.

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