Harry Bronozian and Company-

Thank you for your prompt delivery of Yogurt Starter #1.  I turned to your Yogurt Starter after my former supplier, a legacy Canadian probiotic manufacturer, added maltodextrin to their yogurt starter recipe.  Yogurt is a cornerstone of my anti-Crohn’s disease diet.  Maltodextrin is a known intestinal inflammation agent.  Given your thoughtful approach to your products, I thought you might appreciate the following:

  • Nickerson KP, McDonald C. Crohn's disease-associated adherent-invasive Escherichia coli adhesion is enhanced by exposure to the ubiquitous dietary polysaccharide maltodextrin. PLoS One. 2012;7(12):e52132. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0052132. Epub 2012 Dec 12. PMID: 23251695; PMCID: PMC3520894. 
    Link - https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23251695/
  • Nickerson KP, Chanin R, McDonald C. Deregulation of intestinal anti-microbial defense by the dietary additive, maltodextrin. Gut Microbes. 2015;6(1):78-83. doi: 10.1080/19490976.2015.1005477. PMID: 25738413; PMCID: PMC4615306. Link - https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25738413/

 It was a relief to locate your product with the exact formulation I was seeking, and no additives.  I hope I can continue to be your customer for a long time into the future.  

Thank you.
Kate C.

I recently tried Custom Probiotics and was really impressed with the quality of their probiotics. But what really stood out to me was how effective the probiotics were. I've struggled with anxiety and depression for the past few years, and since starting Custom Probiotics, I've noticed a significant improvement in my gut and mental health. I feel better in my mood, less anxious, and my overall quality of life has drastically improved. 

Overall, I'm really happy with my experience with Custom Probiotics. Working with Harout has been such a pleasure because he is so knowledgeable about his product and its effects. His probiotics are high-quality and very effective. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable probiotic supplement!


Hello, Harry!
Thank You very much for the help and thanks for a feedback everytime when I asked strange questions. I got probitics and everything is okay. You and Your company are the most responsible people I have ever met. The delivery was just fine and very quick. The package was really safe. Thank You so much again.

Have a nice day!
Best wishes,

Custom probiotics played a big role in my healing process.

I suffered from a large number of debilitating late stage lyme’s symptoms, which were extremely challenging and painful. I relentlessly sought out a multitude of treatments and therapies for my various symptoms hoping to find the safest and most effective remedies. Major issues with digestion was one of the symptoms. After taking custom probiotics I noticed significant improvement with my digestion system. While treating the numerous other Lyme symptoms, I had to utilize various supplements which required my body to properly absorb the nutrients from those supplements. Proper absorption would have been difficult without the significantly improved digestive system I gained from using Custom Probiotics. My body's ability to absorb and process nutrients helped to pave the way for my overall healing and immunity building.

Even while I continued treating for other symptoms, the fact that poor digestion was no longer one of those symptoms was such a relief, one less area of my health I had to worry about. Taking supplements became more comfortable because they would then stay down to assimilate, which also made eating food more enjoyable...and I could not put a price on that!

Digestive health continues to be a major component of my overall well being, so I’m always more than happy to share how much Custom Probiotics has helped.

Thank you Harry!

Gratefully, Angelina Margo M.S.W.
Personal Trainer - Nutrition Coach

I've been meaning to write for some time. First, your level of customer service is unsurpassed! Thank you so much for helping me get my adult formula probiotics while deployed overseas. Secondly, we have to take very strong antibiotics to prevent getting malaria while overseas. Alternating your probiotics with the required medicine kept me from getting the stomach issues all of my other coworkers were experiencing. As a matter of fact, I was the only person in the unit that didn't have stomach issues! By the end of our deployment, they were all coming to me for me to share my probiotics with them! I've been using your adult formula for years. My daughter also uses your products to keep her eczema under control. Thank you so much for your amazing products!

Stephanie V.

First, I would like to thank Harry for his dedication to providing such fantastic probiotics and yogurt starter.I started with five abdominal surgeries in my early twenties and from there on my stomach and overall health have suffered tremendously. I had numerous illnesses after the surgeries that eventually led to deficient antibody count diagnosis, IgG-2 subclasses and IgA. I was on antibiotics, very strong ones and for many years due to the chronic issues with these problems. My health just spiraled out of control regardless of the measures I took to help my body. I’ve tried many many options from natural, alternative to mainstream to no avail. I’ve had a clean organic diet and avoided chemical laden personal products for too many years to count. I couldn’t get a grip on how to fix anything despite eating probiotics by the handfuls, quart of organic plain yogurt every few days, kefir, etc etc. Some days I would be up to twenty probiotic capsules that were suppose to be the best and still just making a small dent, suffering still but to a lesser degree. I finally started to make my own yogurt and I felt somewhat better but I knew I wasn’t reaping the full benefits of probiotics and yogurt so I did some surfing on the internet and found Custom Probiotics. What I wasn’t prepared for was the awesome results I received after using these products for a few weeks. I was making progress for once in my long 20 year journey to health. I have been using these products now for about six weeks and I wanted to wait to see what a longer term effect would bring and I can tell you that this is better than I had expected, which tells me my body is rebuilding and this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are better days ahead. I have put on weight, my body is utilizing the nutrition, I’m not malnourished and somy body can perform the way my Creator intended.The yogurt is fabulous, I can’t explain to you what this yogurt tastes like other than it is light, tangy and clean tasting without that heavy pungent taste you sometimes find with organic yogurts on the market. I put a scoop of the Custom Probiotic blend into my yogurt two times a day. My energy is more balanced, my stomach feels so much better and I can eat more foods without suffering from eating and I sleep so restful. Also, I have suffered about 14 years of chronic ear and sinus infections, to which the doctors kept prescribing more antibiotics and I would only get worse, now since I’ve started making my yogurt with Harry’s starter and using the Custom Blend powder, the ears and sinuses have completely cleared up.

I agree with another poster, do not waste your money on all of those other sub-optimal products, Custom Probiotics will give you all that you need to help you on your way to re-building health and well being.God Bless
Lucinda, MN

Hi Harry,

After suffering with severe diarrhea for the month of December I was finally diagnosed with C. Difficile on Jan. 1 /08. My doctor could not believe that I had developed this disease since I was in excellent health, had not visited a hospital or a senior’s home, nor had I been out of the country. I was immediately prescribed Vancomycin which I took for 10 days and appeared to be cured and then Feb. 1 the C. Difficile returned as strong or stronger than ever so I was back to another go of the Vancomycin however this time even with the antibiotic I got worse with each day. I lost 12 pounds off my already thin body. Finally I got in touch with a wonderful Alternative doctor and he got me on your Custom Probiotics, colostrum and a very strict diet. After 2 days on this regime I started improving and now I am

practically back to normal except for very low energy and incredible tiredness but this too is improving daily. Thank goodness for Custom Probiotics! I had never even heard of Probiotics before this disease hit me.


Dear Harry,

Your recommendation several months ago was right on target! My wife has had ulcerative colitis for 21 years. In that time she has had serious diarrhea from early morning until noon – could not stray. We have had many specialists try to do something (medication, alternative approaches) with no success. We could not leave the house for any reason.
Within two weeks after taking the Custom Probiotic 6 Blend she now has a life. Yes, she has some diarrhea now and then, but the problem has reduced dramatically. So I want to keep up the regimen we have been using (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it) – even our doctor was impressed and signed a note recommending she stay on the Probiotics, which allows us to use our pre-tax medical savings account.

She uses scoop at night and one in the morning.

By the way, we use your yogurt starter also with a yogourmet maker, and that had helped some. So we will continue using the starter as well. We have some capsules of CP-1 for when we go on trips.

Thanks for your product and help.

Idaho Falls

Hi Harry,

I just wanted to write to thank you again. I’ve been ordering Acidophilus powder from you for over a year now because I thought I was too sensitive for anything else. (I cannot tolerate the microcellulose crystalline in your capsules). But my digestion has not been 100% for many months and I have not been able to pinpoint the cause. With my last order, you sent me two free samples to test: one for the small intestine and one for the large intestine. Since starting the L. Rhamnosus/L. Lactis/L. Plantarum blend, my digestion improved. My bowel movements are well-formed and very regular, consistently.

Sorry for the graphics but as you know, for someone suffering for years with the symptoms of mercury poisoning, Crohn’s Disease and systemic candida, this is somewhat of a miracle. I can’t tell you how happy I am. We sometimes forget to experiment once we’ve had a negative reaction to something. I am thankful for the people like you out there who remind us to remain open, and who are willing to send a free sample. I would never have risked the extra money to test out something unknown.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy New Year!!!!

Julie Genser

Hi Harry,

Just a quick note to tell you that after 10 years in private practice and dealing with virtually every nutritional supplement imaginable, Custom Probiotics are far and away the most productive and effective probiotics I have ever recommended for clients or that my family has ever used. Thanks for producing such a superior product.

Dr. Michael Marasco

Hi! Harry,

My name is Heather Butler, I’m 18 years old, and I’m a patient of Dr.
Shamanie Haneca in Minnesota!

I just want to let you know how grateful I am for Custom Probiotics. Ever since I was a little girl had digestive/constipation problems. I’ve been using Custom Probiotics for almost a year and love it! It has truly changed my life and well-being! Thank-you so much!

Heather Butler

10 years of putting thousands of dollars towards doctors, alternative medicine, homeopaths, programs, and over the counter products. Suffering from panic attacks, premature aging, bad breath and body odor, hypoglycemia, leaky gut, mal-absorption, massive food sensitivities, mood swings, fatigue, heart palpitations, catching my breath while sleeping, constipation and hair loss etc…..caused from candida over-growth!

It was so hard trying to dine with friends and explain my crazy diet, and then them asking for an explanation. No matter what I did, I only became worse. I felt like a mutant. It became a lifestyle and I adapted unhappily, but life moves on. I really became overwhelmed when I thought I was on a good program, became pregnant, and my daughter was born with many food sensitivities and intolerance’s. Rashes and earaches after eating, and grouchiness. Try explaining to a 2 year old that she has a choice between meat cabbage or celery.

2 Weeks on the Custom Probiotics program, and my skin and nails are growing like I am a multi vitamin, which I had stop taking a while back because they weren’t working. My daughter no longer gets red itchy rashes from foods. We still have a long way to go and are sticking with a strict diet, and I put your probiotics in everything.

I am so happy to see results. I am looking forward to everything that will be as we continue your products. I am so glad that you are taking the time to develop such a high quality product, and will keep you up as we progress.

Jessica and Katie
Phx, AZ

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1998 and the doctors wanted to do surgery cause my Colitis was very severe. I said no to surgery and gave up on Western medicine and doctors. I have been doing the SCD diet.
I have been taking the Custom Probiotics for a couple months now and have seen my symptoms disappearing, my energy is up and I feel a lot better over all. My strength has been great too I have gone back to lifting weights and have never been in better shape in my whole life. Thans to Harry in a couple more months I will have my life back and be the healthiest I have ever been! Thank you very much Harry and keep up the great work and service!


I owe Harry a debt of great thanks. When I switched to custom probiotics, my healing dramatically accelerated.It has been a miracle for me, after over a year and a half of thinking I was going to have to stop living due to constant migraines.I can’t recommend custom probiotics highly enough.

San Francisco

Daniel had been waging an all out war on Candida for 2 months. He was reacting less to food but was also absorbing less and becoming progressively more tired and diarrhetic – although different from IBD diarrhea according to him. The probiotics he had been taking weren’t beneficial in any way he could see. He started Custom 2 weeks ago and suffered 3 days of massive headaches, exhaustion, brain fog and general aches and pains like the flu. After that, the headaches went away and his head cleared totally. He wrote to tell us that he could do Math again as his brain was able to do sequential thinking for the first time since getting sick. Weird eh? Next he started feeling so energetic that he no longer needed naps in the day and was even able to pull a few all-nighters for mid-terms. His digestion and the diarrhea improved although his stool are still not totally formed and there’s still occasional partially digested food. Even more fantastic is that he called last night to talk about philosophy and to hear his passion and exuberance was like meeting our son again after a year’s absence. My mind kept saying: “Yes, this is what all the hard work’s been about”.


I have only been on Harry’s custom probiotics for 3 days and I’ve had more die-off (an excellent sign, since it’s the toxins from dead yeast after something kills the yeast) than I’ve ever had with any medication for yeast. I am really excited!


Custom Probiotic as probiotics, for myself & others on this forum, are far more potent and “live” than any other probiotics I have thus run across over the last 15 years.


I first began using your Custom Probiotic formula about 6 months ago and it has improved my digestive health considerably. I have been sick for eight years with immune suppression, low adrenal function, chronic fungal infections, leaky gut syndrome and multiple food allergies. My digestive health was so compromised that I had constant flatulence and acid re-flux which never abated. The fungal/yeast infections were running rampant in my body and nothing helped to alleviate it. I have have spent thousands of dollars over this 8-year period trying dozens of probiotic formulas and have not found even one that was effective until I tried your custom probiotic formulations. I am currently taking the powdered formulation twice a day and the CP-1 if I am traveling. Since I have been using your Custom Probiotic formula my flatulence and acid reflux are completely gone and my chronic yeast/fungal infections are slowly resolving and I believe my leaky gut is finally healing. Using your formulas combined with a sugar-free/low carbohydrate diet has helped me get a foothold over this illness for the very first time since I became ill. Harry, you have my utmost thanks for dedicating yourself to excellence in making probiotic formulations that are really effective and health enhancing – formulations that really work. This health battle has been a long one but I think I am finally on the road to recovery thanks to you and your commitment to making a quality probiotic product. Thanks again Harry for a superior probiotic formula that works!! Best regards,

Betty Lou King
Princeton, MA

Even though I have had another flare, we are pretty sure it was from a cold I had at the time. Basically I do thank g-d feel better and am appreciative that there is at least one probiotic that is SCD legal and obviously is of a very high standard.

Thank you again for your great service
Leon Landau

Dear Harry,

I thought that I should write to you to let you know of my progress with respect to my crohns colitis and your Probiotics. In a couple of words I can say that they are “extremely effective”. There is no doubt in my mind that they can, for me, effectively stop blood or mucus in the stool within 1-2 days of taking them. I use 3 spoonfuls of the ultra-potency powder formulation every morning about 1/2 hour before breakfast. I find the powder slightly more effective than the capsules although not as “palatable”. I can dissolve the powder better in a glass of water than with the capsules and therefore I believe will aid the distribution of the probiotics within the gut lining much more evenly. Although I was taking the capsules from March 02 I have been using the powder since September 02 and have not looked back.

Of course although the probiotics and the SCD controlled the blood and mucus I still found that I could have 2-3 movements a day, although not as loose as before, along with occasional slight cramps. On your recommendation Harry, in October ’02 I started using the Inflazyme Forte enzyme coated formulation tablets as well, which contain among other things, Bromelain, which is from pineapple extract and is acknowledged to be a potent anti-inflammatory substance. I can honestly say that again within 2-3 days I noticed a significant improvement in my movements and now since October I have effectively returned to normal. I take 2 tablets just before a meal three times a day. I have no cramping or any other digestive problems to report. Being a surgeon myself and knowing of the possible side effects of using medications such as Asacol and prednisone I was very keen to tackle my Crohns through alternative means which I have now done successfully thanks to you Harry! I wanted to wait at least three to four months before contacting you to see if my remission could be sustained, which it has. I am certain that my remission is not by coincidence as I have experimented by stopping the above treatments intermittently to see what happens and almost always I noted my symptoms come back. However within 1-2 days of resuming the treatments my symptoms stopped. As a surgeon I know the body is a great healer provided we help it along. Your treatments, along with Elaine Gottschall’s Specific Carbohydrate Diet, work naturally and effectively. There is as you know an increasing body of research and literature which has being published in the last 2 years to support this. I am sure that my colleagues within the medical community will all at some point in the future acknowledge that illnesses such as inflammatory bowel disease can and should be treated without resorting to proprietary medicines which can be, and are, associated with serious side effects. Unfortunately the medical community is similar to an oil tanker that needs to change course. It takes a lot of time!

Carry on the good work Harry of supplying first class products!

London, U.K