Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I made my first batch of yogurt from your 5 Strains Yogurt Starter Culture #2 and it turned out to be the best yogurt that I have made. Thank you again for a great product.

Kent J.

Hi! At the moment, I’m making, yet another, batch of homemade yogurt, and I just had to drop you an email. I purchased your yogurt starter #2, and have been making homemade yogurt for over 2 years now. The quality of your starter, is the best I’ve ever used. Coming back to purchase another bottle, and praying you never discontinue such a wonderful product. Thank you for helping me better the health of my family.

Have a wonderful day,
Karyn C.

Hi Harry,

I spoke to you last week because I was wary of trying a new yogurt starter. I had been using store bought yogurt and sometimes it tasted a little off. I also tried a different company's starter and it had a funny taste to it. But you assured me that your starter was mild tasting. So I gave it a shot and I am so glad! The yogurt is delicious! And it's much quicker and easier to make with your starter than using store bought yogurt, plus I can count on a great taste every time! You now have another loyal customer.



Hello! I’m here to thank you for providing your wonderful yogurt starter # 2. I pasteurize raw milk myself, lower the temperature to the proper range, and then ferment for 24 hours in an electric yogurt maker. It’s the only way my IBS-afflicted mom can eat yogurt. I strain some of it and culture vegetables with the leftover whey. My results are always excellent. Thanks very very much!


Making Soy Yogurt with Custom Probiotics Starter

In the past I have been using a small amount of goat yogurt to start batches of soy yogurt which isn’t an ideal solution for anyone who is intolerant of milk products. My local supplier stopped selling plain goat yogurt so I had to find another source of starter. I contacted Mr. Harry Bronozian at Custom Probiotics and he kindly provided a sample to see if it would make soy yogurt. The answer is a big yes – delicious soy yogurt with no dairy of any kind.

The following is my recipe:

1 quart Pacific Organic Soy Milk – Original Unsweetened (my yogurt maker only makes 1 qt.)

1/2 measure of Custom Probiotics yogurt starter.

The soy milk doesn’t need to be sterilized when it comes out of the carton so I skip that step and use it at room temperature ~70F.

Pour about 1/2 – 1 cup of soy milk into a 1 quart measuring cup – mix the starter in well then stir in the remaining soy milk. Pour into yogurt maker and wait 9 to 12 hours.

With my yogurt maker 9 hours produces a smooth, thick, mild and tasty yogurt that we use for sour cream substitute, etc. as well as eating plain.

Using Custom Probiotics yogurt starter is also very convenient, we used to keep yogurt starter going which meant making yogurt when we needed to rather than when we wanted to. Now we can go to the freezer and grab the starter.


Hi, Harry!

Thanks so much! We made the yogurt this weekend, and it is the best yogurt ever!

We’d been using Yogourmet, and it tasted delicious and my husband loved it and was getting lots of benefits from it, but I wanted to find something with out the “additives”–skim milk powder, sugar and citric acid (just a little of these, but we didn’t want any). Yogourmet was working so well for him, though, that he was a bit paranoid to change.

We made 1 quart with your yogurt culture starter–used a little less than 1/4 scoop in raw goat’s milk heated to about 101 and incubated for 24 hours, then in the fridge overnight. He was crazy about it from the first sip! Yours is so much better, both in taste and “yogurtness,” we are totally thrilled!

Many, many thanks!

Anne K

Dear Harry,

I tried other yogurt starters just to compare. Quite simply – they did not compare at all. They all seemed to have milk added among other things. Not yours though. Your Yogurt Starter is pure – no additives – pure! I love that. My yogurt tastes so clean and creamy.

Thank you very much for a really honest and lovely product that is helping me to eat a yogurt that is so healthy and just divine. There is nothing like it commercially and I thank you again and again.

Lauren from New York