We have been testing the potencies of our probiotic supplements by INDEPENDENT Laboratories for the past 14 years. We ship our probiotics to the lab the same way we ship to our clients, without ice, winter or summer.

Our latest independent lab test results are shown below.

Adult Formula CP-1 98 billion cfu’s per gram
Six Strain Probiotic Powder 480 billion cfu’s per gram
Infant Formula Probiotic Powder 480 billion cfu’s per gram
D-Lactate Probiotics Powder 520 billion cfu’s per gram
Eleven Strain Probiotics Powder 500 billion cfu’s per gram

The potencies indicated on our labels are almost half what the lab test results. This is a very conservative estimate, expected at the time of expiration, which is one year from the date of manufacture.

Without INDEPENDENT lab testing, we do not know what we are selling and you will not know what you are buying.