Probiotics are really good for you especially if you are a first timer. Your guts (intestines) are lined with trillions of bacteria. Most of the time this bacteria is good and essential for you digestion. With our western diet being so poor most people often have poor bacteria in their guts. The medical name given to the bacteria in your guts is called 'gut flora'.


Our emotions sit in the digestive system:

Modern research is beginning to find that in our digestive system all our emotions are stored. Emotions such as stress, depression, irritability, anxiety, tiredness, un-calmness and frustration are all controlled and regulated by the digestive system. So for those that are prone to periods of feeling low or having dips in their energy or even for those that get really tired after stressful episodes – they nearly always need some help in their digestive system.

70% of the immune system comes from the large intestines:

They have also found now that our immune system is also regulated and organized by the digestive system. The large intestines are responsible for over 70% of the immune response. They are very important in getting rid of the toxins and pathogens absorbed with our food. Unfortunately with the high stress environment we live in and the increased amount of unnatural sugar found in our food, the balance for the healthy bacteria to thrive in our large intestines reduces dramatically. So we are finding more and more episodes of people having yeast infections (Candida) or having high levels of parasites present.


There are countless billions of bacteria in the large intestines. Some good and some bad. By good I mean the waste product that is produced by the bacteria during decomposition of food is beneficial to our bodies and by bad I mean the waste product produced is poisonous. For example if we take yeast. We know it is used to produce alcohol in wine or beer. So having a yeast infection like Candida in our system will produce small or large quantities of alcohol depending on the degree of infection. So you can understand why having a bad bacteria, which can produce other poisonous or harmful substances, are not good. In addition to this your immune system will be working constantly to try and kill off these bad bacteria.

This stresses the body and also distracts the body from serious or stronger infections that pass around in society. Constant or regular colds, infections or illnesses are a sure sign of struggling intestines. Further to this, if your digestive system is in poor health then your emotions will be irregular or erratic. Again this is another sure sign of poor health.

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