Adult Formula CP-1 Capsules

$45.00 per bottle (90 capsules per bottle) – Quantity:
6 Pack Special $225.00 Pay only for 5 bottles
(90 capsules per bottle) – Quantity:
Our most popular dairy-free probiotic capsule formulation containing five superior strains of freeze-dried probiotic microorganisms that specifically target and help the small and large intestines, improving the intestinal microflora and digestive processes.

This probiotic supplement is temperature stable for 2-3 weeks without refrigeration

High Count, multi strain Acidophilus and Bifidus dietary supplement. 60 billion cfu’s per capsule at the time of expiration. 90 capsules per bottle.

• L. Acidophilus
• L. Rhamnosus
• L. Plantarum
• B. Lactis
• B. Bifidum

Our probiotic formulations do NOT contain dairy, sugar, gluten, soy, corn, casein, yeast, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, FOS or any Genetically Modified or engineered ingredients.

Other Ingredients:
Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica, gelatin capsules.

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How long will the capsules last?
Each capsule will supply 60 billion cfu’s total of five different strains. This potency is guaranteed at the time of expiration which is one year from the date of manufacture. If you take one capsule a day the bottle will last you 3 months.

STORAGE / TEMPERATURE STABILITY Our probiotic supplements are temperature stable for 2-3 weeks without refrigeration. We have done 2 year temperature stability testing on our probiotics . We overdesign our probiotics so that the loss will not effect the potency indicated on the label. One can travel with our probiotics for 2-3 weeks without refrigeration. It is best however to keep probiotics refrigerated for optimum potency. Below is our 2 year temperature stability study for your information.

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Your Product Saved Me

Dec 05, 2014 by Mark Jefferson

Harry, I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference your product made in my life. Due to a perfect storm of antibiotic side effects and infectious harmful bacteria, I was so sick with internal infections in my stomach and digestive system that I was unable to work and even care for myself for years. My body was weak and failing. Due to internal candida levels I was breaking out with painful yeast all over my body. Due to leaky gut caused by the candida I could not eat anything without later getting an allergic reaction to it. I was limited to a couple of vegetables, and spring water in my diet because my body could not tolerate anything more. I was sick, starving, and not getting any better. It was a daily struggle to just keep living.
When I first tried your CP-1, I knew within 30 minutes that it was working, because I felt such a massive die-off effect that I fell asleep in a sweat and didn\'t wake up for 6 hours. When I woke up and took more, I started improving daily. My stomach gradually got better, all my symptoms improved, my brain fog cleared and I could think clearly again, and much more that was mostly related to the toxins produced by candida overgrowth, it all improved.
Thank you for your commitment to high quality and don\'t ever stop. Your product saved my life and I mean that literally.
Thank you is not enough, but thank you.

They Work Great & I Feel Fantastic!

Nov 16, 2013 by Crystie Rios

I am highly sensitive to food, specifically milk products (which is nearly in everything pre-made) and let's face it sometimes we eat this way. Additionally, I have issues with bloating after eating vegetables and many starch foods, which often times leaves me miserable and I would find myself skipping meals to avoid the systems. This product was recommended to me by an RN, whom I recently underwent a colonic treatment. Not only do I feel fantastic, but my symptoms have drastically decreased. When I take more of these probiotics they improve my decreased of symptoms even more. I am very happy to have discovered a product that is as top notch as the CP-1 and will continue to receive regular shipments. I highly recommend and now can enjoy eating without feeling horrible.

Been using for years

Nov 14, 2013 by Carolyn Walters

My Doctor recommended these because he uses them. I have been using them for years and feel very confident of the viability and quality of the product.

Best and most cost effective

Nov 04, 2013 by John Dull

Agree with first reviewer named John. I've checked every probiotic advertized on the web and they are less potent and very expensive per dose. These are the best, most viable, and most potent.

Best Probiotics

Jul 18, 2013 by John

Best Probiotics in the market, I highly recommend to anyone.

Custom Probiotics , USA 5.0 5.0 5 5 Harry, I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference your product made in my life. Due to a perfect storm of antibiotic side effects and infectious harmful bacteria, I was