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Probiotic Yogurt

Coconut Milk Yogurt


  • 1 can coconut milk of choice – Native Forest brand recommended, no BPAs, or Natural Value, no gums or thickeners (recommended for GAPS/SCD)
  • culture of choice – Custom Probiotics (recommended for GAPS/SCD), Cultures for Health Vegetal Dairy-Free starter, or HMF Superpowder are all good, available online. Look for dairy free.


Pour a little coconut milk into a pint sized mason jar. Mix in culture of choice – a smidgeon of the Custom Probiotic, a quarter tsp of the HMF powder. Add the rest of the coconut milk. Cap tightly. Shake well. For Cultures for Health Vegetal Dairy-free starter, follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Keep warm in a yogurt warmer, in an oven with the light or pilot on, in a dehydrator set at about 95 – 100 degrees, or wrapped in a heating pad set on low. Shake occasionally. Yogurt will be mild after one day, a little more tart after two.

Alternate method – mix in culture of choice as described above and shake well. Leave at room temperature for 4 days, shaking occasionally. This method will result in a thicker product, with a slightly fizzy flavor.


Make The Best Probiotic Yogurt You Have Ever Tasted With Our Yogurt Starters

Yogurt is widely known as one of the most nutritious forms of food on the planet and has been linked to strengthening bones by being an excellent source of calcium and includes beneficial bacteria that can even help with yeast infections.  A fun way to make a yogurt snack that is not only nutritious, but also tastes fantastic is to craft your own yogurt! While this may sound daunting at first, making home made yogurt is fairly easy and can be a great way to get the kids involved with the cooking.

Why Make Your Own Yogurt?

When you make your own yogurt, you will be assured that it is crafted with only natural ingredients. This means that your yogurt will be completely free of sugar, gluten, or other artificial ingredients. Another factor is the potential health benefits of eating yogurt which can help aid with the digestion process, prevent diarrhea, and even help improve one’s immune system.

How To Make Home Made Yogurt

Step 1: Decide What Type of Milk To Use

In our experience using either low fat milk, goat milk, or soy milk will yield the best results when crafting home made yogurt.

Step 2: Boil The Milk

The next step is to heat the milk to about 150-180 degree F.

Step 3: Let the Milk Cool Down

After the milk is heated then it is cooled down to about 100-103 degrees Fahrenheit (38-40 degrees Celsius).

Step 4: Add The Yogurt Starter

Custom Probiotics provides a yogurt starter powder that can be used for crafting your own yogurt. Add half a scoop of the powder for each two quarts to one gallon of milk.

Step 5: Mix The Ingredients

You can now begin to mix the ingredients for about a minute.

Step 6: Craft The Yogurt

After the ingredients are well mixed, you can now make the yogurt. You can now use your favorite yogurt maker.

Let the yogurt heat at 100 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit (or 38-40 Celsius) for 8 to 24 hours. After this is completed, put the yogurt into your refrigerator for at least five hours . That’s It!

Bonus Step: Be Creative!

After you get the hang of making your own yogurt please feel free to start being creative! Go ahead and add a few extra ingredients and see how the final product tastes.

By making your own yogurt at home with the use of our yogurt starter, you will be able to impress your friends and family by providing a healthy and delicious treat.


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